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 WebsAlaska was started in the spring of 2002.

We have tried to incorporate some new ideas like the ‘E-Board’ pages and the ‘PatientInfo’ pages. These pages were developed because of a need in our community to have additional sources of information for people who want to have locally related content available, in these areas.

The goal of the E-Board pages is to have an affordable advertising resource for Anchorage residents. Some folks use costly newspaper ads to reach the widest market, however many, budget minded, people choose to use bulletin boards at local stores and businesses and reach a more limited local market. This option fills a need between the the bulletin boards and the newspaper.  Ask us about our promotional offer.

While we are in our early stages of development at this time, we believe that our E-Board site will grow to be a very popular place for sellers and buyers to make contact. We feel that this will also be valuable for all types of things, like 'employment' and  'looking for' ads, anything you can think of.

The intent for the Patient Info site is to give our community a method of providing vital information to relatives during illness and hospitalization while maintaining a level of privacy. At this time there will be no charges to use this portion of the site.

We are committed to providing services for a full range of needs, including the most basic of personal web pages at the most affordable rate available today. Please see our rates page for a complete description and pricing.

Web Development Services will encompass all aspects of site development.

Image Studio will focus on the publishing of your pictures and graphics to your website. This will include digitizing your photos and preparing them for publishing. With the power that computing offers today we should be able to produce a product that will meet your needs. We also offer image creation and animation.


Gary Upton


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